Belgium Visit Visa Apply - Belgium Work Visa - Jobs in Belgium

Belgium Visit Visa Apply - Belgium Work Visa - Jobs in Belgium

Belgium Visit Visa Apply - Belgium Work Visa - Jobs in Belgium

Friends, Belgium is not only a European country but also the only Schengen country to have a strong tourist Place as well as the Best Option for a working visa. The biggest reason for this is that very few people in Belgium apply for work visas Because most people tend to go to such large countries as Malta or Germany, very few people do in Belgium. Here you will find many jobs.

So today in this article we will discuss the Belgium visitor visa and the fees and processing process. And I will also know how you can get a job offer from Belgium while you are living in your home country of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc., and apply for a work visa. It is important for you to know a lot of useful information before going about the procedure and documents of the visa.

You will get a Belgian visa in this case If you have a friend, relative from Belgium, or an invitation from a company This means that if a company or your friend or relative will send you an invitation, In that case, you will get a visa. Or you must have a visa for Europe, Canada, and the United States or the UK on your passport. In that case, it will be easier for you to get Belgium Visa.

Know what documents you will need for a visit visa to Belgium and how you can get an invitation letter.

Belgium Visit Visa Apply - Belgium Work Visa - Jobs in Belgium

BelgiumVisit Visa

Visa Application Form To get a visit visa to Belgium, you must first have a Visa application form. You can get this form by clicking on the official web of Belgium which you will find below. Carefully fill out this application form and get it printed out its the First Document.

Passport In addition you need your passport which should be available for the last three months and two pages of this passport should be blank on which visa can be applied except if you have a passport that has expired. It is also mandatory And you have a scanned copy of the first and second pages of your passport.

Cover letter You have to prepare a Cover letter in any simple format. In this letter, you have to give all the information. why are you going to Belgium, what is the purpose of your visit and on what date will you go, on what date will you return and where will you stay in Belgium? That they are going to meet someone there, that is relatives, friends or going to do business. Remember your cover letter should be good because the visa officer will see your cover letter before look at your documents. If he likes your cover letter he will look at your documents and decide whether to grant you a visa or not. If you can't make your own cover letter, make it with the help of a good agent.

Hotel booking and invitation letter Friends, now you have to make a reservation for your hotel booking. Remember, you have to make it online. You did not pay for the reservation. you can get the invitation letter from the hotel from which you are making the reservation which you can easily get for PKR 5000.

Return ticket reservation You have to book a return ticket and this reservation will be available online free of charge.

Other Documents Now you have to get Family Registration Certificate i.e. FRC and if you are married then MRC ie Marriage Certificate which you will get from NADRA along with your Identity Card and Police Clearance Certificate. 

Bank statement of the last six months You need a bank statement of the last six months And the balance in your account should be 70 Euro on a daily basis. You have to get your bank statement and your balance ready at 70 Euros per day and the account for which you are making a bank statement is maintained by the bank. Get a certificate.

Job & Business Details Now you have to do your job or business to show your strong relationship with your country. If you do a job, you have to give your job information, which means you have to take a leave letter from the company in which you work. This letter states how many days off you have received and what position you are working in and how much your salary is and you will return and rejoin this company. In addition, you have to get NOC (no objection certificate) from the company and you must attach the last three months' salary slips from getting a company in which you are working.

If you are a self-employed person, you have to provide your business information about what kind of business you are doing. You have made a bank statement for your business account and a maintenance certificate of your bank account from the bank. In addition, you have to put your business tax return NTN number and your business cards.

Travel Health Insurance Lastly, you'll need Travel Health Insurance, which covers 30,000 euros Remember you don't need 30,000 euros, you only need health insurance that covers 30,000 euros. You can make it from any good travel agent for 5,000 Pakistani rupees.

Apply For Visa

You have to collect all these documents and make a file and if you have the Embassy of Belgium then you have to submit it there with a visa fee and do it for the visa. If you do not have an embassy, you can apply for these documents online via VFS by paying a visa fee.

Two great ways to get a Belgian work visa

1st way If you go to Belgium on a visit visa, you can look for a job and get a work visa there. Remember that for your work visa you have five hundred euros because you have to apply for a worker visa. You, Will, need the money Your work visa will come from your employer, the employer will complete your work visa by taking documents from you, and then you are eligible for working in Belgium.

Second way If you want to get a Belgian work visa through a job offer while living in your home country, then you have to get an online job offer for it. You have to go to Google, go there, you have to find job information in the search box in Brussels, Belgium, you will go to many official websites there, you can find your job and apply there. 

To apply you will see the e-mail of the employer in these jobs. Give your good CV and cover letter to this e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail for this job, then search the job name of the job you like in Google, then you will find the website of this company. You can contact the company with this number or email and give them your CV and cover letter to the employer.

If the employer is interested in you, after interviewing you, if you have cleared the interview, then they will ask for documents from you and issue a work permit approval for you and send it to you. you will apply for a working visa with this work permit approval you will be able to go to work in Belgium and build your future.

This is an international way of getting a job that is considered all over the world I hope you like this information. See you in the next informative article ALLAH A.J HAFIZ.


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