Canada Jobs Apply - No Education - No IELTS - Free Work Visa

Canada Jobs Apply - No Education - No IELTS - Free Work Visa

Canada Jobs Apply - No Education - No IELTS - Free Work Visa 

Friends, working in Canada is a great reward for everyone, but if you go to any agent to get a Canadian visa, you can lose millions of rupees and you will never get it. There is no guarantee but if you apply for a Canadian visa yourself, it won't cost you much.

 You can apply for a visa made in documents with little amount friends, if you want to get a job in Canada and go there and make your future, then Canada doesn't know you, but Canada offers you many programs in which you can get a free work visa and go to Canada to get a job. And build your future with a work visa Canada has launched many programs, such as the PNP pilot program in Nova Scotia
and the Rural northern Immigration Pilot Program is one of the many other programs Canada has launched that allows you to get a Canadian work visa on your own. It won't cost you anything for free. 

So let me explain a little bit about how you can get a work visa by participating in these Canadian programs.

Requirements for participating in these programs

Friends, in order to participate in these programs, you will need some important things, first of all, you have to put them together and have a good CV and at the same time, you have to have a cover letter. The basis of these two documents. You will have the opportunity to apply for a job in Canada if you have both of these documents, your CV, and a good cover letter.

friends to keep the format of your CV in international or Canadian format because if you keep any other format then only the employer may have difficulty in reading your CV and cover letter to give the job in one day. The recipient receives hundreds of CVs so the employer does not have enough time to read your CV carefully.

So make sure your CV is in international or Canadian format so that the employer can see it and understand what you are doing, how much education there is. Remember your format for the cover letter will be simple but the information written in it should be in the master so that the employer can be satisfied.

Canada Jobs Apply - No Education - No IELTS - Free Work Visa

How to apply for a job in these programs

Friends, you have made a good CV and cover letter. Now it is your turn to participate in these programs there is a job link in Canada where job seekers from different provinces in different parts of Canada keep posting jobs. You don't need LMIA because the employer has to spend money for LMIA and you have to select the provinces where the employer no needs LMIA.

LMIA comes at the expense of the employer, so you have to choose the province of Canada where the employer does not need the LMIA. The names of the provinces in Canada where employers do not require LMIA are listed below. You may need to write down or remember the names of those provinces as you apply to apply. They will be needed in the next process.

  • Newfoundland and labrador
  • Brunswick 
  • nova scotia 
In the list of provinces in Canada where employers do not need an LMIA, there is a list.
You have to go to the Canada Official Jobs link which is given below by following this .

You have to go to the website above and if you go there you will see the names of the provinces of Canada on the left side. The giver does not need LMIA. When you select the provinces, you will see how many jobs there are in those provinces.

You have to find your job through the NOC code. If you want to get such jobs in waiter Cleaner Restaurant Hotel then its NOC code is 6711. You have to type this code in the search box. You will see a lot of jobs. These jobs have to be done.

All you have to do is apply for these jobs. At the end of the job you have chosen, you will see the employer's e-mail. Send your CV and cover letter to this e-mail. If you do not see the email, you can search the name of this company on Google, then you will see the website of this company. After visiting this website, you will find the name of the company, email, and phone number. Or by contacting the company by email you can send your documents to the company and apply for the job.

After Job Apply

When you apply for a job the employer see your resume or cover letter if the employer is satisfied with your CV or cover letter then-employer asked you for an interview and the employer ask some questions about your occupation when you give him the correct answers to all questions then the employer asked for your documents and take your documents and apply for a work permit for you when employer give you a work permit approval then he sends it to you.

when you received work permits from your employer you attached more documents with this work permit approval like your passport CNIC and other additional documents after all this you can apply for a work visa in the embassy with a work visa fee.

after you apply for a work visa in the embassy, the embassy gives you a work visa in 2 weeks you have to take your work permit and go to Canada for a job and make your future. I hope you are enjoying this information if you are then staying with us on here meet in next informative article ALLAH A.J HAFIZ


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