Canada Visit Visa - Canada Visa Requirements - Canada Visa Process

 if you want to work in Canada and get a work visa, you should read this article carefully.

Canada Visit Visa - Canada Visa Requirements - Canada Visa Process

 Canada Visit Visa - Canada Visa Requirements - Canada Visa Process

Friends, if you want to get a visit visa to Canada or if you want to work in Canada and get a work visa, you should read this article carefully.

Sometimes we want to go to Canada but we don't know what documents to put together so we go to the agent and ask him to apply for a visa. He asks us for millions of rupees for a visitor visa to Canada. You can apply for a lightweight Canada visit visa yourself for very little money So first of all I'm going to tell you to save your money and do it yourself, which I'll tell you later.

All types of Canadian visas

First of all, we know what types of Canadian visas then we will consider all visas step by step
  • Visit Visa or Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa 
  • Study Visa 
  • Work Visa 
  • Business Visa

1:Visit Visa Or Tourist Visa

To obtain a visitor's visa to Canada, you must first prepare your documents, which are very important for you to understand.

First, you have to make a travel plan in which you have to write down all your activities, why you are going to Canada and what is your purpose for going to Canada, on what date you will go to Canada and on what date you will return. And Canada is where you will live, what place you will meet and how much you will spend. These are all the details you have to write about in the travel plan.

Second Then you have to prepare your main document i.e. your bank statement which should be the last month. The account from which you are taking the bank statement should have at least six to seven lakhs pkr in the account. And your bank account must be at least eight months old along with the bank account statement you must also bring the account maintenance certificate which you will get from the bank itself.

Now you need to get your passport, your ID card, and reservations from any hotel in Canada, as well as a return ticket for any flight to Canada and an invitation letter from the hotel where you will make the reservation. Take what you will get in Pakistani twenty-five hundred or three thousand rupees.
you have to attach a health certificate and police clearance certificates.

If your name is a property, a house, a shop, or a car in your home country, you must attach it to the documents. This is not an embassy requirement, but if you attach this document, your chances of getting it will increase. Also, if you have a business, attach information to it Your business account statement and bank balance must be your FBR tax return and seven of your business cards.

If you work somewhere, you must include your job information, where you work, what you do, how much you are paid, and you can get a NOC from your company where you are working. The state has to be taken.

After submitting all these documents, you will need to attach all the supporting documents that will accompany the additional documents. Now you have to fill out the visa application form from the online Canada website and print it out with this application form. All you have to do is submit the Documents to the Canadian Embassy with a fee and then within one to two weeks the embassy will call you and tell you if your visit visa is valid or not. And then if your visa has expired, then you can go and get your passport.

Canada Visit Visa - Canada Visa Requirements - Canada Visa Process

2:Transit Visa

A Canadian transit visa is a short-term visa that lasts from seven to eight days and is intended to travel to another country if you want to get a transit visa to Canada, you need to have a visa for the country passing through Canada, You must have a visit visa for the country in which you wish to pass through Canada. You will be able to obtain a Canadian transit visa by visiting the Canadian Embassy and passing through Canada to the next country. Our Canadian transit visa is for seven days.

3:Study Visa 

To get a Canadian Student Visa, you must enroll online at any Canadian school, college or university, and you must have IELTS  for study visa to apply for a Canada Study Visa, you must have an invitation letter from the school, college, or university you are enrolled in, and  Get the Visa Application Form with the invitation letter from Canadian school college university.

Then you have to put your passport, your ID card, your NOC letter from your old school, college, or university and attach your documents with you for a study visa at the Canadian Embassy. I will explain in another article

Canada Visit Visa - Canada Visa Requirements - Canada Visa Process

4:Work Visa

There are several ways to get a Canada Work Visa, just as you can get a Canada Work Visa online. Not only that, you can go to Visit Visa and get a Canada Work Visa The employer can also call you for a Canada work visa by sending an offer directly from Canada. There are many Canadian work visas where you will not need to IELTS.

So we go through all the steps to get a Canadian work visa step by step I Am Explain 3 Easy Ways to get a Canadian to work visa.

  • Get an online work visa 
  • Direct employment work visa
  • Visit to work visa 

Get Online Work Visa 

To get a Canadian online work visa you must first get a job in Canada This is the first step in getting a Canadian online work visa. Now there are many ways to get a job offer. You can also get job offers through Canada's own job website Below is a link to Canada's official website.

To get a Canadian online job offer, you must have an International or Canadian format CV and Cover Letter Your CV and cover letterhead should be very simple and good which is better if it is according to the Canadian format.

You have to go to the website below which is the website for your job in Canada and go there and write your skills or job in your search box then you have to select this job and apply for it. All you have to do is send your CV to the employer's e-mail which you will receive at the end of the job.

Now if the employer is satisfied with your CV and the employer selects you as he wants, then the employer selects you and then interviews you through video call. Clear the answer to the interview. The employer then approves the work permit from the LMIA for you And then the employer sends you a work permit approval with which you submit your visa documents to the Canadian work visa embassy and then you take your work visa and go to Canada for the job.

Direct Employment Work Visa

A direct employment work visa refers to a work visa that the employer in Canada sends you a direct work permit and invites you. In this work visa, someone you know who is in Canada can help you and get you a direct work visa from your employer. In addition, the employer will give you a direct work permit. You can drive to Canada to get this working visa from a friend, relative or acquaintance in Canada.

This work visa is mostly given to highly educated people i.e. doctors, engineers, scientists and such highly educated people.

Visit to Work Visa

This is one of the easiest options to get to Canada Work Visa To get this work visa you need to have a visitor visa to Canada. I have already told you how to get a visitor visa to Canada. You can also visit my YouTube channel Every Visa now.

When you get a visitor visa to Canada, you can reduce your travel to Canada a little bit on this visitor visa and mostly find a job there, it will be to your advantage because when you get the job then You will be able to easily exchange your visit visa in work visa.You will not need to work so hard to exchange a visit visa for a work visa. In this process too, all the work will be done by your employer. The work permit will be issued to you easily as you will be in  Allready Canada. A very easy option is to get a Canadian work visa

One thing to keep in mind if you want to convert a Canadian visitor visa to a work visa is to keep your education documents and all your work papers with you whenever you go on a Canada visit visa and try to keep all your papers. Have a job that will help you get a job

5:Business Visa

You must have a good amount of money to get a business visa because Canada will only give you a business visa when you have good money in your bank account because Canada will see what your old business was or is not. And considering how much money you are making from this business, Canada will give you a business visa.

You will not need any more documents to get a business visa because your status will be good Already because you are a businessman and you will show the whole profile of your business which means your NTN number Text Details Business Details You will have to show the money in your bank account, its bank statement and all these things after which Canada will easily give you a business visa to start working in your country but keep in mind that Before starting a Canadian business, you should get a visitor visa to Canada and go to Canada to see everything and then decide whether you should start a Canadian business or not.


All the information I have given you in this article is according to my own research. You can read all the information yourself and follow it according to your information.

Do your own research and do your best and all the Visas I have mentioned in this article will be available to you only at the Embassy of Canada. Don't give any money to anyone except the Embassy of Canada. Because agents are very Active they will waste your money so value your money and apply for a visa yourself thank you!

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