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Europe Jobs - Work Visa - Free Work Permit - Jobs in Europe

Europe Jobs - Work Visa - Free Work Permit -Jobs in Europe

Friends, in this day and age, everyone wants to go to Europe one way or another, get a job there, get a work visa and calm down your life.But in this day and age it is just as difficult to get a work visa for any European country as it may seem, but it is very easy to get a work visa for any European country if the procedure is followed with understanding. It will not cost you much If you go to any agent and ask him to apply for a European visa, he will demand millions of rupees for visa, which is a lot of money, There are many friends who do not have much money but they want to go to Europe so it is very easy for them to go to Europe which will not cost them money or it will cost very little money.

Today's article will explain to you step by step how to easily get a work visa of any European country from your home country.You just have to understand things very carefully because if you miss a single step  you will not understand and you will not be able to complete the process.

First Step Whats Your Occupation

To get a job in Europe, you first need to know about your job, ie you need to know what your job is and what you are good at.And you have to select a job and try to get a job in the same job. If you look for more than one job, the employer will understand.And the employer will understand that you are trying to get a job by cheating, so keep your job and find a job.

Second Step Make Good CV & Cover Letter

You must have a good format in which you will create a CV. Remember that the format you are using to make a CV should be simple and straightforward your format should be such that your employer grabs the CV and selects you for the job.And similarly, your cover letter should be simple and satisfying so that it is not difficult for the employer to find out about you.

Make a Professional CV

To create a CV you have to select your format. Now you have to first provide information about yourself such as your name, address, your phone number and email.

The second part should contain information about your previous career what was your previous job, what have you been doing and how much experience have you had in your previous jobs and where have you worked?

The third part should be information about your skills, how many skills you know, And who do you have the best skills for? Remember to give information about the job you are looking for and the job you specialize in because the employer may interview you later and may ask you for information about your job.

In the fourth section, provide information about your studies, how much education you have received, what degree, diploma or certificate you have.If you have received prizes in sports or any other activity, do not mention them here as it may confuse the employer, so keep your CV as simple and satisfying as possible because the employer has so much time. Not that they can read about your achivment  here and there.

Then in the last part you give information about your professional skills and languages and how many languages you can speak.

Make Cover Letter

Now you have to make the cover letter very well because this letter has a very important role in getting you a job.because the employer will look at your letter and decide if you want to hire him or not because cover letter is something that can satisfy the employer to a great extent.

To create a cover letter, you need to have a simple format now you have to write about yourself where you found the employer and how much you can benefit the employer's company and also write down who the employer needs. Yes, you are exactly the same and in the end you thank the employer in advance and try not to write any nonsense here. Be the employer as you should write about it.

Search for a jobs

Friends, now you have a good cover letter and CV. Now you need a job because you will apply for a job with this CV and cover letter.

Enter the name of the country in which you want to apply for a job and then search for jobs in Google for people from other countries.For example, if I want to get a job in Canada, I will write or these jobs in Canada are for Pakistanis.

When you type in Google to get a job in any country, the employer websites of the country you have selected will come up. You have to open these websites and find a job in them. Remember to look for the same job for which you have created your CV, the same job for which you have created your CV and have written your experience in CV.

If you have created a CV for another job and are looking for and doing a job for someone else, your employer will rejected you.So take special care to apply for a job that you have a CV about and cover letter.

Apply in Job

After opening the job you have chosen, read all the information carefully about how much your salary will be and what you will do. To apply for this job, you have to come for this job.There you will see the e-mail of the employer. You have to send your CV and cover letter to this e-mail. If you do not see the e-mail of the employer, then what is your job? Enter the job name and the name of the company that posted the job in Google and search. The website of that company will appear in front of you. The name of the company you have written in Google will open this website when you When you open this website, you will write the mail or number of this company. Contact the company and send your CV and cover letter to him.

After Job Aapply

Once you have applied for the job, the employer will look at your CV and the cover letter carefully.and he will say that you are the same as the employer wants you to be, meaning that you are in accordance with the job that the employer asked for, then the employer will select you the employer will contact you on the email number you write in your CV and will interview you via video call. You will be asked questions about your work and you will If you have given the correct answers, then the employer will ask you for documents and get your work permit.

Work Permit & Work Visa

When you clear the interview, the employer will ask you for your documents such as study documents and work express documents and others like passport etc then issue a work permit approval for you and send it to you.

The work permit approval will be sent to you by the employer. With this work permit approval, you will need to apply for a work visa at the embassy after attaching your passport, identity card and other visa documents. Gets a work visa on which you can go to Europe and work and build your good future.

Important Note

One last thing to keep in mind is that all these process that I have told you are free of cost, there is no cost to you, but all the expenses are borne by the employer. You will pay directly to the embassy and the fee is a little bit, not much, so if an employer asks you for money, you understand that he is cheating you, so make your decision wisely. And save your money. See you in the next article ALLAH A.J HAFIZ/


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