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Italy Visit Visa Apply - Jobs And Requirements - Easy Steps For Apply

Italy Visit Visa Apply - Jobs And Requirements - Easy Steps For Apply 

Basic Information About Italy

Italy is a European and Schengen country The currency of Italy is the Euro and the population of Italy is close to sixty million It ranks third in the world in terms of population The area of Italy is 98 million square kilometers It ranks 70th in the world in terms of area Italy's calling code is +39 The official language of Italy is Italian The largest religions in Italy are Roman and Catholic, while there are also large numbers of Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims.

Italy Visa Details 

Friends, if you are looking forward to going to Europe, So, of course, you must have thought to apply for a visa of some European country or what will happen. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a visa from a European country on a Pakistani passport. But if you complete the documents and apply for a visa correctly, there are many European countries that give you a 100% visa, Italy is also mentioned in these countries. today we will learn how to get an Italy visit visa You will know the whole process as well as get this information work visa in Italy and how to get a job in Italy and work visa will be considered carefully.

Friends, it is very important for you to know some information before going through the visit visa process you did not go to any agent because you can get a visa only by paying the visa fee. Agents demand Rs in Millions to Get a visa it's totally wrong thinking Let's find out how you can get a visitor's visa.

Docuemtns For Itlaian Visa

Friends come first to the documents. If you want to get an Italian visa, you will need the documents that are listed.

Visa Application Form

First of all, you will need a visa application form which you can find at the link below. Download this application form and film it and submit it to your file.


You will need your passport that is valid for the last six months. If any of your passports have expired, you must attach them. And two pages of your passport should be blank


You should have four pictures that should be clear. You should not wear any cap or wear glasses and your pictures should be better. In addition, the size of your picture should be 3.5cm by 4.5cm. Photos must not be more than three months old.

Last 6 Months Bank Statement

You need a bank statement for the last six months which you will get from the bank. You can get an account maintenance certificate from the bank. The balance in your bank account should be around one million PKR. Your bank account should be at least 8 Months Old.

Sponsor Letter if you have - Hotel and ticket booking

Friends If you have a friend, relative, or anyone the Italy who sponsors you, if they will bear all your expenses, you will have to give the person all the information about what he does and how much he earns. This will be accompanied by a bank statement for the last three months of the person.

If you will cover all the expenses yourself then you have to book your hotel which is in Italy and you have a round trip flight ticket which you have to make a reservation.

If you are getting a sponsor then you must stick with it as it increases the chances of your Visa.

CNIC + FRC + MRC + Ploice Clearnce Certificate

You must have copies of your ID card and the original with it. If you are married, you have to bring your marriage certificate (MRC). In addition, you have to attach the Family Registration Certificate (FRC). Police Clearance certificate. Remember you will get all these documents from NADRA.

Travel Health Insurance And Health Certificate

You have to get health insurance from any travel agent which covers 30,000 euros. Remember you don't need 30,000 euros but you only need 30,000 euros insurance which any travel agent can give you 3,000 Pakistani Rupees. In addition to this, you have to get medical health certificate which you will get from any gov hospital.

Job or Business Details

If you have a job somewhere, you have to get a NOC certificate from the place where you work, as well as a salary slip for the last three months and you have to get a leave letter from the company. In which it is written how many days you are going and how many days after you will return to work you have to give all your information.

If you have a business, you need to provide information about your business, what business you do, what business you do, how much money you make from the business, and where your business is. The bank statement of the account and maintenance certificate from the band you have to give your tax return as well as NTN and your tax information.

Property Documents

If you have a property in your home country, a shop, a house, a car or you have made an investment somewhere, then you must attach it with the documents as it will play a very important role in getting your visa.

Travel Plan

You have to make a good travel plan in which you have to explain why you are going and why you are going to Italy and on what date you will go, on what date you will come and where you will stay. Where to go You have to write down all your daily information about what you will do there

Other Additional Documents

I have told you all the important documents. If you want to attach any other helpful document, you must attach it. This will strengthen your file. And you will have a better chance of getting a visa.

Apply For Visa

You have to submit all these documents to the Italian Embassy and apply for a visa. Remember, if you do not have the first one, you can also apply all these documents online in VFS Link in Dow.

How to get a job in Italy and apply for a work visa

If you go away with a visitor visa then you will have to find a job there when you find a job then your employer will apply for a work visa for you so remember Whenever you go on a visit visa to a country, keep your educational documents and all your work papers with you, all the papers of your experience, because you need them anywhere for a work visa.

When it comes to jobs, most of the jobs in Demand in Italy are tourism because first Italy is a visiting place There are more jobs in hotel Restaurant Hotel bars. There are also more seasonal jobs in Italy. Try to apply for your job which will give you a better chance of getting a work visa.

Extra Information

Remember Italy is the only country in Europe that issues visas very easily if you do all the documents correctly for the application and If you would like more information about Italy, you can subscribe to our channel Every Visa which is available on YouTube, thanks for your time ALLAH A.J HAFIZ.


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