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Malta Visit Visa And Requirements - Get Malta Tourist Visa - Easy Steps

Malta Visit Visa And Requirements || Get Malta Tourist Visa || Easy Steps ||

Malta tourism has been very affected due to the Dostoyevsky Coronavirus, which has had a significant impact on Malta's economy. Malta wants more tourists to visit Malta as before, so Malta is planning to issue the highest number of visitor visas in 2021. According to the Maltese government, Malta will issue 35,000 visitor visas in 2021. This is great news, but let's give you another piece of good news, Anyone coming to Malta on a visit visa will be given 250 euros free by the Maltese government if the visitor stays in a five-star hotel If the visitor stays in a three-star hotel, he will get 150 Euros. Similarly, if a visitor stays in a two-star hotel, he will get 100 Euros From the Maltese Government.
Friends this is great news if you are thinking of going to Malta then this is the best time for you to go to Malta one thing is another good for you If you go on a visit visa of Malta, you can exchange your visit visa for a work visa with five hundred euros.

So first of all let's understand Malta visit visa

Malta Visit Visa 

Friends, if you do this whole process yourself, it will cost you only 2 to 3 lakh Pakistani rupees. If you resort to an agent, you can waste money. The agent can ask you for 25 lakh or 15 lakh and There is no guarantee that you will get a visa or not so protect your money and consider carefully the way I am going to tell you the Maltese visa itself.

Documents You Need Before Apply for Malta Visit Visa


First, you need a passport that is available for the last 6 months and if you have another passport that has expired, bring it with you.


You will also need white background pictures that should be clear You don't wear glasses or a hat in these pictures.


You should have your ID card along with your family registration certificate and if you are married then you should also have a marriage certificate. All these documents you will get from Nadra Office.

4:Last 6 Months Bank Statement

You will need a bank statement for the last 6 Months Along with the bank statement, you also need to get a maintenance certificate from the bank. Remember, the bank account for which you are taking the bank statement is better if it is your account, otherwise, you can use your father mother sister brother's account.

5:Return Ticket And Hotel Reservation

You will need a hotel reservation which you can get online from any hotel in Malta which will be free to you. You have to make a reservation from any hotel in Malta without paying You will also need to make a reservation for the return flight ticket, ie you have to make a reservation for the hotel in Malta and the flight to Malta which you can get online for free.

6:Cover Letter - Request Letter - 

Now you have to make a letter which is also called a cover letter or request letter. In this Letter, you have to tell the visa officer why you want to visit Malta. Make it a good request letter so that the officer does not have difficulty in issuing the visa.

7:Travel Plane

Now you have to make a good travel plan that will tell you where to go in Malta, where to stay in MaltaYou have to Write all the details about which places you will visit and how much you will spend and on what date you will go and on what date you will return From Malta.

8:Job - Business Details

Now you have to give all the information about your business, what is your business and how much tax you pay along with your tax return and NTN number and all the information of your business account.

If you are employed somewhere, you have to give all the details of your job, what job you do, how much money you earn, what is your position in your job and you have to take NOC from your company and And the last six Months Salary slips have to go.

9:Visa Applicaiton Form

You will need a visa application Form You can download this form from the link below, fill it out, print it out, and attach it with your Documents.

10:Medical And Health insurance - Police Clearance Certificate

You have to get medical and health insurance which covers 30,000 euros. Remember you don't have to pay 30,000 euros nor will you need that much money. This insurance of yours will be easily made from any agent in PKR 2500 or 3000 and with it, you must get the police clearance certificate.

11:Supporting Documents

Now you have to make documents which are called supporting documents like in your home country you have a house shop or a car you own any of these then you can use any of these things You can apply for a visa that will help you get a visa.

Apply For Visa

Now it is time to submit all the documents to the visa application process, then you can apply for a visa through Malta Embassy or Gerrys Office Go there and submit all your documents With Some Fee And Apply For Visa.

After you submit your documents and apply for a visa embassy takes a few days for this process and after 2 weeks embassy given you your passport with a visa if you submit all your documents with a good process.

After Getting Visit Visa

When you get a visa and you move to Malta, instead of traveling to Malta, look for a job there. Currently, most jobs in Malta are in construction delivery and hotel restaurant in this field. If you look for a job in this field You can convert your visit visa into a work visa for only five hundred euros.
One more thing, let me tell you that most of the Maltese employers are now occupying and doing the whole process online themselves. You will not have much difficulty in getting a work visa.


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