Singapore Visa Apply - Singapore Job and Work Visa - Requirements And Process

Singapore Visa Apply - Singapore Job and Work Visa - Requirements And Process

 Singapore Visa Apply - Singapore Job and Work Visa - Requirements And Process

There are many people from Pakistan and India who try to go to Europe or Turkey or Dubai in one way or another but let me tell you that people living in Pakistan and India but as many people in the world And for those who want to get a job in the other country, Singapore is the best option for work for anyone. If you look at the currency of Singapore, then one Singapore dollar is equal to 115 Pakistani rupees, which is a very good currency. There are many job categories in Singapore. You can apply for them. In today's article, I will try to give you all the information about Visit Visa Work Visa and Jobs in Singapore.

First of all, let me tell you one thing that according to Singapore law if you go on a Singapore visit visa then you can't change your visit visa to a work visa because it is not Singapore law. And you may be penalized if you want to convert your visit visa to a work visa. So when you get a job on a visit visa, try to go back to your country, and then the employer who got you the job will call you back to Singapore to see the work visa again.

Singapore Work Visa Categories

There are three categories of Singapore work visas you can get a work visa in any of these three categories but you have to understand categories first.

1:Employment Pass Work Visa

People who have a good academic degree can apply in this category, such as Dr. Engineer, and people with similar big degrees who have good expressions along with their studies in their work can apply in this category.

2:S-Pass Work Visa

In this category, those who have a normal education and no experience can apply for a work visa, but they are just newly educated. This means that people who are literate but do not have experience in their work can apply in this category.

3:Simple Employment Work Visa

This category is the best category this category, work visas can be obtained by those who do not have education or experience but have some practical work skills such as an electrician, Plumbers and similar jobs such as, welders, mechanics and other skilled people can participate in this work visa but remember one thing out of all the categories this is the only category in which there are more jobs but very few people apply in this category.

Singapore Visa Apply - Singapore Job and Work Visa - Requirements And Process

How to get a work visa in these categories

If you want to get a Singapore work visa in these three categories, you will need a job offer for the work visa because you will have a job offer, will the Ministry of Labor ever issue you a  work visa, which your employer will take from the government of Singapore.

To get a job offer from Singapore you will need two ways.

The first way is that you have to search the website to get a job in Singapore from Google and search for a job in them and apply. In the job, you will select apply you will need to upload your CV and Cover Letter in this job you are selected.

The second way is to take a visitor visa to Singapore and look for a job there. When you get a job there, You will then return to your home country, and the employer who gave you the job will ask you for your documents and will issue you a work permit and then send it to you.

With this work permit, you will apply for a work visa at the embassy with your passport along with your ID card pictures and additional documents and after 15 days embassy give you a work visa will get it and then you can go to Singapore with a work visa And can work there.

Get Work Visa Through to Singapore Institute

Friends, finally I will tell you another great way to get a work visa to Singapore. In this way, you will have to take admission to any institute in Singapore. The job you have to learn like plumber Electrician Mechanic welder Similar and any other skilled work if you want to learn, you have to enroll in an institute in Singapore and then You will get this admission online.

You will go to Singapore to learn to work, you will learn to work there, and then when you learn to work then the institute will give you a diploma certificate with the help of which you will be able to easily find a job in Singapore and get a work visa. In addition, you will learn about the institute in which you will be employed. This is a great and easy way.

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