5 Easy Countries For E-Visa Without Documents - Every Visa

5 Easy Countries  For E-Visa Without Documents - Every Visa

5 Easy Countries  For E-Visa Without Documents - Every Visa 

Hello friends, in today's article, I have listed five countries whose e-visas will be very easy for Pakistanis and in these countries have a better chance of getting a job or for business.

So, first of all, do we know what an e-visa is?

It is important to know about e-visa first so that you know how to get e-visa and what are the benefits of e-visa. E-visa is also called an electronic visa you do not have to go to any country's embassy to get an e-visa you have to scan your documents for whatever the country has asked of you for e visa you have to get your visa by submitting you're scanned documents in the official website of the country and paying the fee online. You can easily get a visa via email after receiving the visa by e-mail, you will get a printout of this visa and with this e-visa, you will be able to go to the country of which you have obtained the e-visa.

The validity of the e-visa is 30 days. You can go and get information for a business or you can also find a job. If you get a job, you can also apply for your own visa in work visa. Can change and can do business later if you find good business opportunities there. 

every country's e-visa documents are different from country to country. For example, for Azerbaijan e-visa you only need your passport and photos and you get the visa but similarly, Malaysia also allows Pakistanis to e-visa. Issues visa but for e-visa, of Malaysia you have to submit a bank statement and other documents the only difference is that you get visa online you don't have to go anywhere.

One thing to remember is that this is not a sticker visa but you keep this visa in print in the form of a paper. So let's find out now which are the five countries where you can easily get an e-visa.

5 Countries Details For E-Visa


We have the number 5 UAE ie also known as Dubai in common words Dubai By the way, you can easily get a tourist visa from UAE. You can also easily get a UAE tourist visa through any UAE airline. No special documents are required for this.

When it comes to a Dubai tourist visa, it is 30 days and it is 90 days and, E-visa is only 30 days. You can get a Dubai e-visa by submitting your documents. You get it online within 15 days for 30 days.

So there is no doubt that in Dubai you get thousands of jobs or more and business opportunities. If you want to start your career then Dubai is a good option for you. Maybe you can go to a good country beyond Dubai, which means if you have a good job in Dubai, you can go to Europe, it will be good for you.

 so Dubai is a very beautiful place to visit where you will get to see the tall buildings. You will also find beautiful and very beautiful things. This can be a good package for you so you get uae e visa easily from home.

5 Easy Countries  For E-Visa Without Documents - Every Visa


On Number 5 Azerbaijan is a country where a lot of Pakistanis and Indians are taking an interest nowadays so I am going to give you some very important information but before that let us know how you can get an Azerbaijan e visa from home.

You can easily get an Azerbaijani e-visa for 30 days at home all you need is your passport and some photos. All you have to do is scan these passports and photos and go to your official website of Azerbaijan and submit your documents online with an online form at Azerbaijan official e visa website when you submit your documents and fees on the official website of Azerbaijan, you will receive an e-visa from Azerbaijan on your Gmail within seven days, and then you can go to Azerbaijan by taking the print of this visa.

There are two types of e-visas for Azerbaijan. One is that you get the visa within three hours. The fee is higher. this visa is called an urgent visa second visa is normal, which you get in three to four days or a maximum of seven days. The fee is lower. This is called a standard visa.

If you look at the culture and environment of Azerbaijan, it seems as if you are in a very good European country but Azerbaijan is not in Europe. There are a lot of business opportunities in Azerbaijan, but when it comes to jobs, in Azerbaijan, there are fewer jobs than in other countries if you know the language of Azerbaijan then how do you get a job in Azerbaijan but there are more business opportunities.

You can also go to Azerbaijan by road for this you will need a transit visa to Iran Iran's transit visa is for seven days. You can travel from Pakistan to Azerbaijan within seven days. if you go from Pakistan to Azerbaijan by road, your total cost can be up to 20,000 Pakistani rupees. If you have to go by plane, you will get a ticket from Pakistan to Azerbaijan in 50000 Pakistani rupees.

Azerbaijan is not so special for jobs but for business or beauty is a good option for you if you want to go to Azerbaijan from Pakistan India or another country for more about Azerbaijan you visit our youtube channel with the name of every visa.


On Number three in Malaysia, Malaysia is a good country for tourism or jobs compare to UAE you find different types of jobs in Malaysia with good salary compare to UAE Malaysia also have a beauty or attractive peoples and buildings means Malaysia is good for jobs tourism or business if you want to start your career this is a good option for you.

if you are from Pakistan you get a Malaysia e visa online from the Malaysian official website but for a Malaysia e visa you need some important scan documents list in down anyone submits the documents list in down and pay the online fee and apply for an e-visa of Malaysia.

Malaysia e visa for 30 days stays if you want to settle in Malaysia on job or business you have an option to get job in Malaysia one visa and get a work visa one visa from your employer but you want to start your business in Malaysia you get information on Malaysia e visa and do you plane or business.

Documents for Malaysia e visa:

1:Currebt and old passport with valid for last 6 months
2:proof of accommodations
3:recent photos with white background
4:reurtn ticket and hotel reservation
5:birth certificate and police clearance certificate
6:Go to the official website of Malaysia e visa and know other details from google
7:ID Card


On Number 2 Singapore is the best place in Asia if you are interested in tourism. In addition, there are many jobs in IT Sector in Singapore and the currency is also very good. Pakistanis can luckily get an e-visa to Singapore. Getting a Singapore e-visa is a bit difficult if you compare Singapore with other countries but in Singapore, you will find more jobs and businesses than any other e-visa country.

if you want to get a job in Singapore go to youtube and search our youtube channel with the name of every visa and know all details about how to get a job and work visa in Singapore from Pakistan India or another country.

Singapore, you also get an e-visa for 30 days. If you stay there for more than 30 days now, you may be punished, so avoid overstay and more. for a Singapore e visa, you need documents list down.

Documents for Singapore e visa:

online Visa Application
scanned copy of the bio page of a valid passport with the last six months valid and with 2 blank pages
Recent Photos with white background photos with your clear face and without header
hotel booking with minimum 3-star hotel and return flight ticket reservation
travel plane with complete tour
travel insurance 
bank statement and another source of income documents

1:Kenya Uzbekistan Uganda Qatar these countries issue e-visa to Pakistanis.


for Uzbekistan e-visa you just need an invitation letter from with invitation you need a passport id card or your recent photos one thing you know to need Uzbekistan to provide e visa or sticker visa to Pakistan for Uzbekistan e-visa you don't need to go to Uzbekistan embassy just upload your scanned documents on uzebiksitan official website and get e visa on your mail but if you want to get sticker visa you get your invitation and other documents like passport id card or photos and go to the embassy of Uzbekistan in Islamabad Pakistan and submit your documents here with the fee after you submit your passport with documents embassy issued ticket visa on your passport within 3 or 4 hours.


if you need a Kenya e visa you just need your passport or photos and hotel and flight reservation and submit these scan documents to Kenya's embassy and get your e visa within just 14 to 15 days.

Qatar And Uganda 

Qatar and Uganda issued visas on arrival on Pakistani passport mean you don't need an advance visa when you go to Qatar airport or Uganda airport immigration of Uganda or Qatar stamp visa on arrival on your passport without any high requirements but one thing you must have some amount balance or covid certificates.

Qatar and Uganda have many opportunities for business or jobs if you start your career free then this is a good option for travel history or other opportunities Uganda is here in Africa and Qatar is in here a gulf.

so these are e-visa countries for Pakistan and Indians passports if you are like this information don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel with the name or every visa tale care, for now, ALLAH A.J HAFIZ.

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