How To Get Job And Tourist Visa To Spain || Spain Visit Visa Documents And Process

How To Get Job And Tourist Visa To Spain || Spain Visit Visa Documents And Process

How To Get Job And Tourist Visa To Spain || Spain Visit Visa Documents And Process 

Hello, friends, I hope you are well, Friends, in today's article I am going to tell you how you can get a visa to Spain. Spain is a very developed country in Europe, Spain is with Germany, which issues the Schengen visa today's article I will tell you about Spain visit visa and also how you can get a job in Spain. Friends usually talk about the agents they gave Spain visit visa given by 20 or 25 lakhs PKR, which is a very large amount. You do not get a visit visa to Spain for that much money. If you apply yourself But the condition is that you will do all the visa process yourself, you will make documents your own papers and go to the embassy for visa application yourself, so let's first know about the Spain tourist visa.

Spain Tourist Visa

You will need some documents to get a visit visa to Spain, which I will mention below, but before that, some important information about the visit visa to Spain for you. Important to know Spain usually issues Schengen visas, but nowadays, because of the covid-19 viruses, Spain is just giving your visit visa, so you can't go to any other Schengen country from Spain.

But don't worry friends, after some time Spain will start issuing Schengen visas again but for now, you need to know about Spain's visit visa the following is what you need for a Spain visitor visa.

Documents for Spain tourist visa


You will need your passport which is required for the last six months and at least two pages are blank on it. It will take at least 6 months for your passport to expire.

2:Photos And CNIC:

You will need a photo with a white background which has been increased to four and you will need your personal ID card and a copy of it.


You will need FRC (Family Registration Certificate) from Nadra and if you are married then you will need Marriage Certificate ie your marriage certificate in English. You will get these two documents easily from Nadira.

4:Bank Statement And Bank Maintenance Certificate:

You will need a bank statement of the last six months along with a bank maintenance certificate from the bank. The bank statement must be for the last six months which is proof of your source of income.

 Along with the bank statement, you will also have to state where you got the money to make the bank statement, for which you will have to do your business or job.

If you do business, you will need to provide your business information, including your NTN business account statement, as well as your tax returns and business cards.

But if you have a job somewhere, you have to get NOC ie a No Objection Certificate from the company, and get salary slips of the last 6 months from the company.

5:Visa Application Form:

You will need a fun application form which you can call and print out and submit to your file. Fill out the application form thoroughly and carefully and print it out. the visa application form will be easily found on the official website of Spain. The official website of Spain will be found by searching on Google.

6:Travel Health Insurance:

You will need travel health insurance which covers thirty thousand euros you can get this travel health insurance from any insurance company or even an agent can make you for four to five thousand Pakistani rupees. friends, remember one thing, you don't need 30,000 euros to make travel health insurance, you don't need 30,000 euros.

7:Flight And Hotel Booking:

You have to make a flight hotel reservation. You can also make it up online for free, but if you can't, you can also resort to an agent and book a hotel and flight reservation through it. friends, make flight reservations so that your arrival and departure dates are fixed in your flight reservation so that visa officers are not disturbed.

8:Cover Letter Or Request Letter:

Now you have to create a cover letter which is also called a request letter. In this letter, you have to request to visa officer you have to write your name, your address, phone number, etc. at the top of this letter. and in between, you have to tell the visa officer head why you are going to their country and where you are going to visit, and where you are going to stay.

In this letter, you have to state the date of your arrival and departure. What date will you go and what date will you come? and finally, you are thankful to the visa officer in advance.

9:Other Additional Documents:

In addition, if you have supporting documents including your property documents or vehicle documents, or investment, then you will attach the accompanying documents this is helpful for you for getting a visa.

How To Get Job And Tourist Visa To Spain || Spain Visit Visa Documents And Process

Visa Apply Process

There are two ways to get a visa to Spain now. The first way is to go to the embassy of Spain, submit your documents there, submit the fee and apply for your visa. The second way is that you can apply through VFS. you will take the VFS online appointment and go to the VFS office according to your date and submit your documents and visa fee there and apply for it. In both cases, you will get the visa within two weeks. Or you are given to take your passport so that you know your decision embassy gave you a visa or not.

How to get Job in Spain

There are two ways to get a job in Spain. The first way is to go to Spain on a visit visa and find a job. If you get a job, your employer will convert your visit visa into a work visa.

I have already given you information on how to get a visit visa, but remember one thing, go to Spain to find a job and then get a work visa, you will have to spend a little in this case, but friends who do not have money. They don't have that much money but they want to go to Europe to work. There is another way for them to get a job in Spain

Friends who don't have money can go to a job site in Spain to find a job and apply for a job in Spain from their home company or from their home to get a job in Spain, you can apply for a job at home. There are various websites on Google, or if you are at home. If you want to get a job in Spain, videos have been made on every visa YouTube channel if you know full details about how to apply go to youtube and also go in the search box and type Spain jobs every visa and click on search you see many videos about it.

Below are some job search websites

If you type the name of this website on Google and then write Job in Spain, you will be given a lot of jobs in which you will be able to apply with your CV and cover letter once you get the job, your employer will explain the whole process to you for a work visa.

Direct Work Visa From Embassy

Finally, I would like to dispel the misconception of some friends. Many friends think that they can buy a work visa with a lot of money. although this is not possible, you will not be able to obtain a work visa from any country unless you have been sent a job offer from your employer. So stop chasing agents and save your money and get your worker visa on yourself.

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