Azerbaijan Sticker Visa For Pakistan || Azerbaijan remove pakistan from e-visa list ||

Hello friends, this is very bad news that I will share with you. In addition, there is some important information about Azerbaijan and I will give you all the information in this article about what they should do to Pakistan in this bad situation.

Azerbaijan Sticker Visa For Pakistan || Azerbaijan remove pakistan from e-visa list ||

 Azerbaijan Sticker Visa For Pakistan || Azerbaijan remove Pakistan from e-visa list || 

Friends are the first to know the bad news The bad news is that Azerbaijan has removed Pakistanis from the e-visa list in the past, Pakistanis used to get Azerbaijan e-visa at home. For this, Pakistanis only need a passport and identity card, and photos. The e-visa was sent to you online at home by mail. but now Pakistanis will not get Azerbaijan e-visa Pakistanis will get sticker visa which I will give you the information in this article. friends, if you go to this website and apply for an e-visa of Azerbaijan, you will be told on selecting Nationality Pakistan that you are not eligible for Azerbaijan e-visa. friends, I want to tell you one thing, people say that Pakistanis tarnish the image of Pakistan and go to other countries in an illegal way and live there without a visa.

So the Pakistani government should talk to other countries and facilitate immigration so that people can go to other countries on visas in a dignified manner and stay there and earn a living. because neither you nor any of the normal people can do it, only the people in charge of the Pakistani government can do it.

What should Pakistan do?

Friends, Pakistan should take some special steps in this regard and talk to other countries because you see, in recent days, Uzbekistan has closed the visa service for Pakistanis. Now you see that Azerbaijan has also removed Pakistanis from the e-visa list. 

The government of Pakistan should talk to other countries to facilitate immigration so that the value of a green passport is increasing and it will be easier for people to travel on a green passport so that people do not go through illegal routes and waste their money and their lives.

Get Azerbaijan Sticker Visa And Requirements For Azerbaijan Sticker Visa??

Friends, just like you get a visa for another normal country, you will get the same procedure here I understand how you will make all these papers and what these papers are I will also tell you where and how much you will apply for a visa. Azerbaijan sticker visa is more valuable than an e-visa. If you want to create a travel history, then a sticker visa from Azerbaijan will be helpful for you. So let's find out what documents you will need for an Azerbaijani Sticker visa.

1:Letter Of Invitation

Friends, first of all, you have to get a conversation letter from Azerbaijan you can also request this invitation letter from a friend or relative or a company who is in Azerbaijan, but if you do not have an acquaintance in Azerbaijan, you get an invitation letter from any hotel from Azerbaijan Pakistanis can get your invitation letter online for four to five thousand rupees from any hotel or acquaintance.

2:Passport And Photos

You will need your passport which is required for the last 6 months and there are at least two blank pages on your passport. In addition, you have to take your old expired passport with you and you have to take your original passport. You did not get a copy.

You will need four photos with a white background and no glasses or hats. Your photos should be clear. The size of the photos should be passport size.

3:Bank Statement

You will need a bank statement for the last three months. friends, Azerbaijan did not specify anywhere on the website or anywhere how many months you need a bank statement, but be careful for the last three months not much. If you make your bank statement three to four lakhs and keep a balance in it, you will get a visa.

But make a bank statement original. If you apply for a fake bank statement, once it is proven, it can be very difficult for you to get a visa for any country. It is not a difficult task for you to prepare your own bank statement.

4:Hotel And Ticket Reservation

Also, you have to make hotel and ticket reservations. Don't confirm. If you make a reservation, you will get a visa easily You can make hotel and ticket reservations yourself and make it free. friends, let me tell you one thing. Let me tell you that you can also get an invitation letter from the hotel you are reserving, which will give you Pakistani 5000.

You can also make a cover letter and write in it according to your ticket that you will know the date of Azerbaijan, what date you will come and what will be your entire tour plan, but write this letter in your ticket customize your cover letter according to your ticket so you don't have any problems.

5:Visa Application Form

You will need a visa application form which you can get from the Embassy of Azerbaijan or you can download it from the official website of Azerbaijan Visa and fill up it and print it. You can attach this application to your file.

These are the documents for the Azerbaijan sticker visa in addition to your other basic documents including your identity card, and marriage certificate, and other basic documents that you must put in your file you do not need a travel history for Azerbaijan's sticker visa.

Covid-19 Test And Vaccine

Friends, once you tell the embassy of Azerbaijan which vaccine they have approved, you will get the vaccine certificate of vaccination. It will be helpful for you to get it. or you can get all the information about which vaccine you need to get from the official website of Azerbaijan Visa.

After Prepaid these Documents

Friends, after creating all these papers, you can go to the embassy of Azerbaijan any day from Monday to Thursday and apply for all these papers and visa Fee consent. When it comes to the visa fees, you will get a single entry. There is a 20 USD fee to obtain a visa and a 35 USD fee to obtain a multiple entry visa.

Within 5 to 10 days after applying for a visa, you will get the result of your visa whether you will get it or not but remember one thing you can get an Azerbaijan visa easily because it is easy to get an Azerbaijani visa but it has become more difficult than before. Before you did not need bank statements and other documents, now you have to make all these documents.

Important Tips For Visa

Friends Azerbaijan has nowhere mentioned what I am telling you but it is a very important thing that you must include your job information or business information with your papers before applying for a visa. If you have a job, you can get a NOC letter from your company and a salary slip for the last three months.

But if you do business, you can show your business information, your business card, business account details, and business NTN In addition, you can file a tax return for your business. These things will increase your chances of getting a visa and you will get a visa 100 percent.

So, friends, this was some important information regarding Azerbaijan if you want to get any information regarding Azerbaijan or any country visit visa work visa business job visa or immigration then you can search our youtube channel EVERY VISA.

Here you will find a lot of important information about immigration in the Urdu language, so take care of this information for now.