Uzbekistan Visa For Pakistan || Uzbekistan Visa Service Close For Pak || Hindi/Urdu

 Hello, today I will give you all the information in this article about Uzbekistan Visa Service Close For Pak why Uzbekistan visa was closed for Pakistanis.

Uzbekistan Visa For Pakistan || Uzbekistan Visa Service Close For Pak || Hindi/Urdu

Uzbekistan Visa For Pakistan || Uzbekistan Visa Service Close For Pak || Hindi/Urdu

Friends, Uzbekistan was the easiest country in the world to get a visa for Pakistanis, for Indians, then it was very easy for any country to take a visa of Uzbekistan. You didn't need any special documents, you just had your passport. these are just the things your ID card needs you used to send an invitation letter from Uzbekistan for the purpose of making these documents and with this invitation letter, you would submit your passport ID card and photos to the embassy. You would pay the fee and apply for a visa. It is normal and easy to get a visa.

But friends, Uzbekistan has closed visa services for Pakistanis or Indians. This is bad news and some of the reasons why this visa service has been closed. Friends, any country gives its visit visa for the purpose that you go to this country, you are staying here, you spend money there, be there so that the economy of this country can be good and better. If you go to a country, spending a few days there means one or two days. you will go to another country, then that country will stop giving you a visit visa. Let me explain the details behind that.

Uzbekistan's visa is currently closed, but those who have a visa mean they got the visa already, they can go because this Uzbekistan has closed the visa, not the flights.

Wrong purpose of people's visit

In fact, Uzbekistan is a very beautiful and touristy place. Friends, most people wanted to go to Uzbekistan to visit and enjoy it, but that is one of the reasons why people go from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. Began using a visitor's visa to Uzbekistan due to the bad condition of the corona, Saudi Arabia had canceled flights for Pakistanis and Indians. People were not able to go to Saudi Arabia despite having visas, so people took a route or that Uzbekistan was through them which is a bad thing.

Many people used to go from Pakistan to India on this visit visa to Uzbekistan and after staying there for a day or two, they would go to Saudi Arabia. This route was used by the people. people were using the Uzbek visa only to go to Saudi Arabia because this, people Uzbekistan spent less time on visitor visas, which led to the downfall of their economy in Uzbekistan because people were visiting Uzbekistan but did not stay there and moved on Saudi Arabia.

Uzbekistan Visa Service Close For Pak

This Uzbekistan saw that people are taking their visit visas only to go to Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia had turned off the light for Pakistan India or Africa. Uzbekistan saw that peoples go to visit this Uzbekistan but do not stay in Uzbekistan and go further ie Saudi Arabia then Uzbekistan has closed visit visa service for Pakistanis Indian and Africa.

But if you already Uzbekistan visa then you can go to Uzbekistan this time you will not have any problem because flights are running only the visa service is closed but if you are thinking of applying for a visa, you should understand that it is not currently available, so protect your money and don't apply for an invitation letter right now, and not give money an agent.No matter how good an invitation you have, you will not get a visa now.

Go Uzbekistan From Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Gulf countries

If Pakistani Indians are from Bangladesh or any other country or from Africa you want to go and you are in any Gulf country like Saudi Arabia Dubai Qatar Oman Kuwait and any other Arab country then you can go to Uzbekistan no matter what country you belong to, provided you have any gulf country work permit work visa or residence permit so going to Uzbekistan will not be a problem for you.

When will Uzbekistan open its visa?

Uzbekistan has not set any news or date for open its visit visa service for Pakistan India or for AfricaAccording to one estimate when the situation improves, hope the coronavirus will be To end and Saudi Arabia will open its flight light to Pakistan, India, and Africa so it can be hoped that Uzbekistan will open its visa service to Pakistan, India, and Africa but no date has yet been set for when the visa service will open of Uzbekistan.

Option to visit other than Uzbekistan??

If you intended to go to Uzbekistan but the visa service is closed then now there are some other options for you that I will tell you. Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan Friends besides Uzbekistan there are some countries that can be visited. These countries are with Uzbekistan whose names I have mentioned already. These countries are just like Uzbekistan. It is easy to get a visa and the expenses here are also like Uzbekistan. There are and the culture is the same so you can go to these countries until the visa of Uzbekistan is opened.

By the way, there are many options for visiting, if you can make documents and have more money, then you are going to many countries. but if you can't make your documents, you don't have money, then you go to Central Asian countries in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, these are the best options, you can go from these countries without high documents and without much money.

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