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Hello friends, if you are planning to go to a foreign country to build your future, then you should consider leaving a work visa. This article will give you very important information. This information will be very helpful for you so stay tuned for this article.

Visa On Arrival & Get Passport || Visa Free Country For Pakistan || Every Visa ||

Visa On Arrival & Get Passport || Visa Free Country For Pakistan || Every Visa ||

As everyone knows green passport is a bad ranking in the world many countries in the world refrain from giving you a visa. Sometimes you do not get a visa even though you have completed all the documents. It is difficult for you to get a visa just because you have a green passport, so today in this article I will tell you how you can change your passport And in many European countries, including Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and many other developed countries, you can go to these countries without a visa and build your future.

The country I am talking about is the Commonwealth of Dominica friends Pakistani Indian and many other countries on the passport the Commonwealth of Dominica you can go without a visa you will not need to get a visa, first of all, I will give you some important information about the Commonwealth of Dominica. Then we will talk about how you can get the passport of Wealth of Dominica or readiness permit and more. I will also give you some information. How to get to the commonWealth of Dominica.

Language, Currency, And Other Important Information

Friends talk about language and currency because they are both very important things to travel to or settle in any country.

The Commonwealth of Dominica has English as a language of great benefit for friends, business people, or those who have settled in the Commonwealth of Dominica. talk about currency run the Dominican peso which is equivalent to three to four Pakistani rupees and also the Caribbean dollar in the Commonwealth of Dominica the Caribbean dollar in Pakistan is equal to fifty or sixty rupees.

Friends, let me give you a piece of advice that the purpose of going to the Commonwealth of Dominica should not be to get a job, because even if you get a job there, your salary will be lower, so your goal should be to get a passport, not a job.

So friends you know how you can get a passport and visa permit where to go and then talk about how you will go to Wealth of Dominica if you are from Pakistan India or any other country like Saudi Arabia Dubai Qatar etc.

How to get a Commonwealth Dominica Residence Permit??

You will need some documents to get a residence permit in the Commonwealth of Dominica, including your CNIC card, your valid passport, your police clearance certificate, and your white background photo.

Friends, first you have to prepare these papers, then if you are married to a national there, you can apply for a Residence Permit, or if you get a job there, your employer will give you a job offer letter. With this job offer letter, you can apply with these documents for a Residence Permit getting PR for friends can cost you a thousand Caribbean dollars.

Friends, first you get a temporary Residence Permit on which after spending five years you can do Permit Residency i.e. PR and after spending another five years on this PR you can apply for Nationality there and Can get a passport So guys this is also a way to get a passport through PR but it will take you five to seven years and there are many other ways to get a passport where you will not need much time and You will get the passport very soon. I will share it with you

Now let's talk about other ways to get a passport. The talk about how will go to Dominica. I give you this information?

Other ways to get a Dominican passport

Here are some other ways to get a Commonwealth of Dominica passport, friends. I will also tell you one way where you will need some money. You can buy a passport with this money. In other ways you are free. You can get a passport for free.

Citizenship and Investment

This method of obtaining a passport is called Citizenship by investment. This program has been running since 1993 in Dominica.

Friends, in this program, you either have to donate money to the government or you have to invest in a project approved by the government so you have to invest at least one million US dollars and you are still eligible to get your passport. Friends, this program is not for every servant. It is only for those who have a lot of money and want to get a second passport.

Ways to get a passport for less money

Friends, those who do not have much money have only six or one million rupees and if they want to get a Dominican passport, they will go on a Dominic visit visa which is free for Pakistanis, Indians, and other countries.

you can easily get a passport by marrying a national outside of Dominic on a visit visa. You will not need a lot of money nor will it take much time. How will you get a visit visa? You will find the information later in this article friends, many friends get passports through paper marriage. I will not recommend this method, but you can decide based on your decision whether you want to get a passport through paper marriage or not.

Obtaining a passport through employment

Friends, if you get a job in Dominica like this, getting a job will depend on your education and your skills. If your skill and your education are important, then you will also get a job when you If you get a job, you will get a job offer from your employer and apply for a work visa. After spending two years on a work visa, you can get PR. After getting PR, you can also apply for a passport. Yes, but it will be a long process.

Friends, but once you get a Dominican passport, you can go to all the countries of Europe, not only in Europe but there are many other developed countries besides Europe where you can work for no reason or settle here.

How to get to Dominica

Friends talk about how you will go to Dominica How to go to the Commonwealth of Dominica you will need some money and some paperwork Talk about money then you will need a minimum of 8 to 10 Lakh PKR and with it, You will need some paperwork which I will explain to you.

When it comes to paperwork, you will first need your passport and your photo, then you will need a confirmed booking of your hotel and return ticket In addition you will need your Police Clearance Certificate along with your BEST document which will require your ID card and other educational documents. In addition, you should have a balance of at least Rs. 4 lakhs PKR in your bank account.

Route to Dominica

Let's talk about route friends, you have to go through Turkish Airlines to go to the Commonwealth of Dominica if you are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or any Arab or another country.

You will fly to Caracas, Venezuela by Turkish Airlines, and then from there, you will go to Dominica by Silver Airlines, meaning you will have to stop in Caracas, the city of Venezuela friends, if you talk about the budget, your total Pakistani cost can be up to four and a half lakh rupees, including your ticket, visa fee, and flights ticket or other things.

Important tips

Friends, take an invitation letter from the hotel you are booking to confirm, which you will get for Rs. 5, may need an invitation letter in Venezuela because you will have to fly to Venezuela via Turkish Airlines because you will travel through Venezuela to Dominica, you may need to obtain a transit visa of Venezuela.

So when you go to Venezuela Embassy and tell them that you have a Dominican invitation letter and you want to pass through Dominica Venezuela, it will help you get a transit visa of Venezuela So friends Dominica passport is very strong you will get a free visa in many European countries and also when you go to Dominica your passport will be honored because your passport will have Dominican visa on it.

Also, Dominica is beautiful you will find a lot of beautiful places to find, and the culture there is also great but you have to make every decision based on your research the rest I hope you like this information If you want to get a lot of information about immigration visit visa work visa and also a lot more information you can search our youtube channel every visa on youtube where you can You will find many videos in the Urdu language. Take care of yourself.