Iran Transit Visa For Pakistan || Iran Transit Visa Documents || Hindi/Urdu

 In this article, I will give you all the information about the Iran transit visa, how you can get it and what documents you will need for it.

Iran Transit Visa For Pakistan || Iran Transit Visa Documents || Hindi/Urdu

Iran Transit Visa For Pakistan || Iran Transit Visa Documents || Hindi/Urdu 

What is a transit visa?

Friends, first of all, we know what a transit visa is because if you know this then it will be easier to understand all the further information.

After getting a transit visa, we go from one country to another. let me explain to you with an example. For example, Pakistan shares its border with Iran. and Iran shares its border with Azerbaijan we want to go from Pakistan to Azerbaijan through Iran. this means that if we want to go Azerbaijan by road from Pakistan via Iran, then for this purpose we have to get permission from Iran. We want to go from your country to the next country. this permit is called a transit visa. You get a transit visa if you have a visit visa to the next country. So friends I will explain in full with an example so that you can easily understand what a transit visa is and then I will tell you about obtaining a transit visa.

Pakistan to Azerbaijan via Iran ( Example )

Friends, as you know, Pakistan has a border with Iran and Iran has a border with Azerbaijan. We want to go from Pakistan to Iran and from Iran to Azerbaijan. for this, we will first get a visit visa to Azerbaijan when we have a visit visa to Azerbaijan, we will go to the Iran embassy and tell them that we want to go to Azerbaijan through Iran, we have Azerbaijan visit visa. Friends, The Iranian embassy will issue you a transit visa based on your Azerbaijan visit visa and its duration.

for a transit visa, you will need some documents, including a copy of your visit visa, a copy of your CNIC card, your photos, and visa fees. you can also get an Iranian transit visa online for this you have to submit all your documents online and also pay the visa fee online but my advice is to take your transit visa from the embassy so that you do not have difficulty in getting the visa.

Duration of Transit Visa

Friends, Iran's transit visa is for 7 days. You can stay in Iran for seven days. It is a beautiful country. You can travel around Iran within seven days and within seven days you have to go to your chosen country when you come to the border of Iran and Pakistan to enter Iran from Pakistan, Iran immigration will see your visit visa original, and then you will get entry in Iran you will have all your papers and original when you travel.

Transit Visa Of Any Country

Friends, if you want to get a transit visa for any country, this is the procedure. first of all, you will have to get a visit visa for the next country and on this visit visa, you will get a transit visa. some countries offer transit visas for four days and some for seven days. you try to get to your destination on time. Brother means don't overstay in any country.

Friends, getting a transit visa is not a difficult task. Some people pay a thousand rupees to the agents because they do not know how to get a transit visa, although the transit visa can be obtained for very little money. You can get a transit visa in 8000 PKR but if an agent obtains a transit visa for you then they will take a lot of rupees from you.

To protect your money. You get all the visa information from the internet. You can apply for your visa yourself, whether it is a visit visa, a transit visa, or any other visa. If you apply yourself, You can save a lot of money and apply for a visa for very little money. If you apply for a visa through an agent, it will cost you a lot of money, there is no guarantee of getting a visa and you may lose money.

Get Visa On Yourself

So you get the information and apply for a visa yourself. If you want to get visa information from YouTube for any country, you can search our YouTube channel Every Visa and by visiting it you can get a lot of information. And you can apply for a visa yourself. so this is the information about transit visas at the moment. If you want to know more, stay with us.

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