Italy Visa For Pak-India || Delivery Jobs In Italy || Italy Work Visa || Every Visa ||

Italy Visa For Pak-India || Delivery Jobs In Italy || Italy Work Visa || Every Visa || 

Italy Visa For Pak-India || Delivery Jobs In Italy || Italy Work Visa || Every Visa ||

Friends, if you want to do a delivery job in Italy, this article will be very helpful for you. Friends Delivery Jobs in Italy You will not find them in villages or towns etc. You will find delivery jobs mostly in city areas of Italy such as Milan Florence and Rome etc. In this article, you will find all the information on how to get a delivery job in Italy. Let's get started.

Driver job companies in Italy

Friends, in order to get a delivery job in Italy, first you need to know the big company of delivery jobs in Italy. Here are four major companies for delivery jobs.

  • 1:Delivveroo
  • 2:Just Eat
  • 3:Uber Eats
  • 4:Glovo
Friends, there are four big companies in Italy that are famous for their delivery jobs. I will provide you with information on how to apply to these companies, but before that, Let me tell you which of these four companies will benefit you the most and what is the difference between these four companies? Friends, according to my research, Glovo, and Uber Eats, you get higher salaries in both these companies and the benefits of these two companies are also higher if you compare with other companies. but there is a difference between Uber Eats and Glovo which I make clear to you.

Uber Eats

Friends, if you talk about Uber Eats, you will not find any selected time or hours here. You can work whenever you want and you can take time off whenever you want. Just like Pakistan India or anywhere else you run Uber, so you can do this job here. You can open the application whenever you want and earn money by delivery whenever you want and take leave.

In addition, you will find it easier to get a job in Uber Eats and you will be able to do the work as you wish, but you will get less pay and fewer orders in Uber Eats but you won't find any restrictions here.


When it comes to Glovo, you get the selected time in Glovo. You get the selected hours, but you have to work with restraint but you get paid more here and you get more orders when it comes to getting a job, you can easily get a job here friends, if you want to make money and get a job independently, you can go to the Uber Eats, but if you want to make more money and work with restraint, you can go to desperation.

Earnings in Uber Eats And Glovo

Friends, if you talk about making money, you can earn five euros per order in Glovo Similarly, when it comes to Uber Eats, you can earn three to four euros per order on the venue. At least you can earn three euros on the smallest order and you can earn up to four euros on the smallest order in Glovo sometimes it even depends on your order.

Friends, when it comes to monthly salary, you can earn fifteen hundred Euros per month. If you work full time, if you are a student and work part-time, you can earn five hundred to six hundred rupees. But friends, it will depend on your order. The more orders you take, the more money you will earn the less you order, the less money you will make.

Friends, another important piece of information that reaches you is that you get more orders on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and at some festival in Italy. You can earn more these days. Friends, when it comes to salary, you don't get monthly or annual salary here, you get Weekly salary here.

How to Apply In This Companies For A Delivery Job??

Let's talk about how you would apply for a delivery job in these delivery companies' friends, for this you have to consider two ways. The first is that you can get a job by going on a visit visa and the second way is that you can get a job through the official website of Italy.

Get Job On Visit Visa

Friends, first of all, you have to go to Italy on a visit visa. In order to get a visit visa to Italy, you will need some documents, the list of which I will list below.

  • 1:Passport ( Valid For Last Six Months And At Least Have Two Blank Pages )
  • 2:White Background Fresh Photos With Clearance
  • 3:CNIC Card, Identity Card Orignal, And Copies
  • 4:Bank Statement Last 6 Months With Job Or Business Details
  • 5:Hotel And Ticket Reservation
  • 6:Visa Application Form Fro Italy Official Visa Website
  • 7:Travel Health insurance ( Cover 30000 Euros )
  • 8:Travel Plane Or Cover Letter Or Request Letter
  • 9:Covid Test Details
  • 10:Other Additional Supporting Documents Like Property Car Or Investment Details

Friends, after creating all these documents, you can go to the Italian Embassy or the Consulate of Italy, submit your documents, see the visa fee and apply for your tourist visa.

Registration For Delivery Job On Tourist Visa

Friends, when you go to Italy on a tourist visa, you will find the websites of the four companies that I have mentioned to you. In addition, there are also their applications. You can go to their application or website yourself. You will be able to apply for your job once you register on their applications or websites. If you talk about getting approval for a job, you get job approval in Uber Eats in 7 to 8 days while you get job approval in Glovo within 14 to 15 days.

Once you get the job, you have to provide your bank information on the website or application so that your salary is credited to your bank account. but my advice to you friends is that when you get a job, you must go to the office of the hiring company before giving the bank information.

If you don't have money, how can you get a job?

Friends, if you don't have money, you can't even go to Italy on a tourist visa, so how can you get a job? For this, you can go to the official website of the companies that I have mentioned to you. Their website you can easily find on Google. Go to this website and register yourself and do so. Find an employer who will call you on a sponsor's work visa.

Friends usually give such work visas to employers less but if you do not have the money then you can try this. An employer can also call if your profile is good so make your profile strong so you can get a job online if you get online approval from these delivery job companies, then you will apply for an Italian work visa by combining all the documents I have given you with it and then you will get that work visa. You will be able to make money on this work visa by doing a job in these delivery companies.

So friends this was some important information if you want to get more information about visit visas of any country or any immigration you can search our youtube channel EVERY VISA on youtube where many videos will be found in the Urdu language See you, take care of yourself, Allah Hafiz.