Turkey Business Visa Requirements || Turkey Business Visa Fees And Processing Time || Every Visa ||

Friends, today we are going to talk about how you can get a cake business visa or a transit visa. To get a Turkish business visa you must have a chamber membership card and what other information do they have. we will discuss all of this in this article, so let's move on to our topic.

Turkey Business Visa Requirements || Turkey Business Visa Fees And Processing Time || Every Visa ||

Turkey Business Visa Requirements || Turkey Business Visa Fees And Processing Time || Every Visa ||

You must have a chamber card. If you have a chamber valid membership, you can apply for your turkey business visa. friends, along with this you also need an invitation letter which you have to invite from Turkey. This letter clearly states what is the purpose of your visit to Turkey and how many days you will stay there and what will be your time duration. This means that all the information on which date you will go, on what date you will return, and where you will keep it should be included in this letter.

the Invitation Letter If you invite a company, the chances of getting a visa will be very high, and remember that you have to invite this invitation letter in the Turkish language. That's why you invite a Turkish language invitation letter in which it is written in the giving company that this person wants to do business with us so we are inviting him.

Friends, in addition to this, all the documents you need for a tourist visa, ie a visitor visa to Turkey, will also be required for your business visa, so keep them with you.

Blue Card And Business Residence Permit

Friends, you cannot use a tourist visa to obtain a business permit because it is easy to get a visit visa to Turkey. If you think that you will come to Turkey with a visit visa and do business or work on it, then it is not possible to work or do business in Turkey you need a residence permit which means you can stay in Turkey but you cannot work or work or do business at this residence permit.

Blue Card For Job Or Business

Friends, if you come to Turkey on a visit visa and get a job here, then you can easily get a blue card and you can work on this blue card and this blue card will be easily taken by your employer. This is also called a work permit or work visa.

But if you want to do business on this residence permit, you will still need a blue card or a work permit for business, And remember, you will never get a Residence Permit Blue Card or Work Permit on a Visit Visa for this, so you have to come from your home country on a Business Tourist Visa if you come to Turkey on a simple Visit Visa. If you want to do business, you will be sent back to your country to come back to Turkey on a business visit visa.

Fee And Process Time

Friends, if you talk about processing time, you also get this business visa in Turkey in a minimum of four weeks and it also takes a maximum of two to three months because one thing to keep in mind is that except for Turkey's visit visa, all the visas are checked by the team in Turkey. And every single one of your documents is carefully checked so all your documents are original and correctly made.

Friends, when it comes to visa fees, the Turkish business visa fee is 160 US dollars. It can be more or less. You can find out for yourself from the Turkish Embassy or the official website of the Turkish government.

Best Way To Get Turkey TRC

Friends, now I am going to give you very important information, especially to those friends who want to go to Turkey and get a TRC and first look for a job or some other option and then come to business. There will be very important information for you and also I will tell you how much it will cost you if you come on a business visa then how much will it cost you when you get a TRC on a visit visa.

If you want to come to Turkey for the purpose that you will get a job in development, earn some money or look for another option and then think for business, then you should come to Turkey on a visit visa. And then getting a TRC will cost you money to get TRC on a visit visa.

But if your goal is to go for business in Turkey then you should come to Turkey on a business visa. It will cost you more, but you will get TRC easily and you will be able to do your business very easily and properly But friends, if you want to do business in Turkey, my advice is that you first go on a visitor visa to Turkey and see which business is in high demand there and which business can give more profit. Look at the culture and environment and then decide whether you should do business there or not. You make your own decision.

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