Turkey Visit Visa Requirements & Apply Process || Jobs in Turkey For Foreigners ||

 I will tell you the documents and I will also tell you why Turkey's visa is refused. If you follow all the things I will tell you, you will get one hundred percent of your visa, you will not have a visa rejection.

Turkey Visit Visa Requirements & Apply Process || Jobs in Turkey For Foreigners ||

Turkey Visit Visa Requirements & Apply Process || Jobs in Turkey For Foreigners ||

Hello friends, Turkey, as you all know, is distributing visas. This is a fact. Many friends are applying for visas. Many people are applying for visas, so this article will be very helpful for you because here I will help you. I will tell you the documents and I will also tell you why Turkey's visa is refused. If you follow all the things I will tell you, you will get one hundred percent of your visa, you will not have a visa rejection. friends, at first I was not convinced that my friends had visas rejected, but when I looked closely at their profiles, I saw one thing in common between the two of them, which I will tell you that visas.

Basically, all the papers of my friends were complete including bank statements and other papers so let me explain everything to you step by step. friends first discuss the visit visa to Turkey, what documents you will need, where and how to get these documents, and what you will ask for the visa will be charged. I will give you all this information on how to apply for a visa. If you understand all the things step by step first, then you will ever benefit from this article.

Turkey Visit Visa


Friends, first you need your passport can be made from your passport office Your passport must have at least two blank pages and your passport needs at least 6 months to expire also if you have an old passport, whether it is empty or has a visa on it, you must also attach it.

2:CNIC Card & Photos:

Friends, the second document you will need is your ID card. You can get it from the NADRA office and you will have this original ID card and a copy of it.

Also, you will need your photos. When you go to take your photo, you will tell the photographer that you have to take the biometric photo for a Turkish visa. Remember, your background should be white in your photos and you don't wear any kind of hat or glasses in the pictures.


Friends, on the third number, you will need FRC ie Family Registration Certificate. You can make it from NADRA for 1200 or 1500 Pakistani rupees. for this, you will take your father's and mother's ID cards and go to the NADRA office and tell them that you want to make such a rope ie a family registration certificate.


Number four is your document MRC which is called Marriage Registration Certificate. This document is called your marriage certificate. If your marriage certificate is in Urdu or Hindi, then convert it to English so that it can be easily understood by the visa officer.

5:Hotel Booking And Reservation:

Number five, you need hotel and ticket reservations. You can do this online for free, but if you are not well educated or you do not know how to make a reservation, you can resort to a good consultant or agent. Which will make you in Pakistani thousand or fifteen hundred rupees.

6:Visa Application Form:

From number 6 you will need a visa application form. You can also get this form from the Turkish Embassy in Anatolia office and you can also download it by visiting the online Turkish website. You have to fill this form and sign it and attach it to your visa file.

7:Travel Plane - Request Letter - Cover Letter:

Friend No. 7 comes with your cover letter. You can call it a request letter, travel plan, or cover letter. It is usually requested by a visa officer. They will give you a visa. If you can't make this letter or don't know the way then you can take the help of a good consultant for this and my advice would be that you should not make this yourself and take your help because the consultant has more experience and he is your goodwill make a cover letter because the better your cover letter, the easier it will be for you to get a visa.

8:Bank Statement & Account Ending Balance:

You will need your bank statement for the last three months and the end balance in your account should be at least Rs. 500,000 PKR Friends, now you have to understand this very carefully I told you at the beginning that my friends had a visa rejected, that's why it happened. Now understand carefully.

My friends made a good bank statement and their account balance was Rs. 8 lakhs PKR but they made the mistake that their bank statement was not matched with their job or business. I mean, he said his salary was Rs 50,000 PKR but he kept doing transactions of Rs 200,000 in a month, then the visa officer found out that his salary was low but the translation was very big for this reason, the visa officer dismissed the case and rejected a visa.

So friends, when making a bank statement, make sure that you transcribe and make your bank statement according to the way you have described your salary or business because a bank statement is a very important document for obtaining a visa. Take a lot of comfort and information for making a bank statement.

9:Job Or Business Details:

Friends, now you have to tell where you got the money for the bank statement that you have made, you have to tell your job or Business Details.

if you have a jobs

If you have a job somewhere you have to get the last six months salary slip from your company and get the NOC from the company also, get a leave letter from the company to let them know that they are willing to let you go. They have no problem with you.

if you have a business

But if you have a business then you have to have your business information including your NTN and your business registration certificate along with your tax return and also a separate account for your business. Include the statement or also attached your business cards.

10:Covid-19 Test - Polio Veccine Ceritficate

Friends, Turkey has abolished the quarantine requirement. You will not have to go to Turkey and get the quarantine. You will need a test for the coronavirus and you will have a full vaccine. You can check on Google what vaccine was approved for a turkey visa.

11:Other Supporting Documents:

Friends, these documents are not necessary for the end, but if you attach them, the chances of getting a visa increase. If you have a property or a car, you must attach those documents or if you have made an investment somewhere, you must attach those papers.

Apply Process & Visa Fee:

Friends, a Turkish visa used to be applied to Jerry's throw, but for some reason, you can't apply for the Turkish visa in Jerry's office. You have to go to either the Turkish Embassy to apply for a Turkish visa. friends, after preparing all these papers, you can apply for a Turkish visa in any country by submitting your papers at the office of Anatolia or at the Turkish embassy with 19 thousand Pakistani rupees.

After getting Visa:

Friends, when you go to Turkey after obtaining a visit visa to Turkey, if you intend to settle there, you can get a Turkish red card. You are not allowed to work on a red card, but the purpose of this card After or after the acquisition you can stay in legal status in Turkey for one year. You can apply for this card from Pakistani fifty to sixty thousand rupees.

But if you want to work in Turkey, you have to blue card. You can't apply for a blue card unless you get a job in Turkey. You can get a job in Turkey and apply for a Turkish blue card. Which is allowed for up to two years and you are doing any kind of job on blue card friends, it is very easy to pay for a Turkish blue card and red card. You can also apply for it yourself, so don't stay in Turkey wrong, it can be very detrimental to you.

I hope this article has been helpful for you if you want to get information from Turkey or any other country those simple words, you can search our YouTube channel Every Visa on YouTube. You will find work visas, visit visas, and a lot of information from many countries. In Urdu, I will take care of myself.