UK Red List Pakistan Update || UK Red List Countries Update || Every Visa

 Assalamu Alaikum  UK has removed Pakistan from the red list. Now how will you go to the UK How many days will the quarantine be? You will find all the details of the visa ticket or others in this article.

UK Red List Pakistan Update || UK Red List Countries Update || Every Visa

UK Red List Pakistan Update || UK Red List Countries Update || Every Visa 

Why was Pakistan on the UK red list?

As you all know the UK had included many countries in the red list due to the coronavirus which I, unfortunately, included Pakistan and India but also the coronavirus. There were more patients in India than in Pakistan. But still, the UK removed India from the red list, so Pakistan was included in it many members of the Pakistani government have repeatedly told the UK that the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan is low, so Pakistan should be removed from the red list. It is good news that Pakistanis will be able to go to the UK now because the UK has removed Pakistan from the red list there is also a lot of information that needs to be reached so stay tuned to this article.

How many days will it take to quarantine after going to the UK?

The UK is bringing a new law from October 4 according to this law, you do not have to quarantine anyone else home or other if you are completely vaccinated.

According to good news, Pakistan has gone to the UK amber list which means that you will not have to pay any money as Pakistanis had to pay more than fifteen hundred pounds in the entry. You don't have to pay now any money to the UK.

The UK has added Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh turkey Maldives Egypt Kenya and other countries to the amber list and removes it from the red list. Bangladesh's residents will leave UK's redlist from September 22  then Egyptians will also join the amoralist from September 22 to the redlist and we also talk about that Kenya Srilanka Maldives etc. will also join the amber list from the UK's redlist on September 22.

UK Red List Pakistan Update || UK Red List Countries Update || Every Visa

UK visit visa after being removed from the rate list

Before getting out of the UK red list, I was applying for a UK visa from Pakistan, but the visa ratio, which was not good you needed fifteen hundred pounds to get a quarantine. I needed a visa and a ticket be very expensive it's a very expensive process. in addition, there were a number of reasons why it was difficult to visit the UK. educational and spouse visa holders were able to go to the UK Visit visa holders were not able to go to the UK easily but after being removed from the red list, it has become easier for Pakistanis to go.

If you have this invitation letterhead or sponsor letter, the chances of getting a visa will be higher because the visa officer will understand that you have been waiting for the visa to open for a long time so it will be easier for you to get a addition to the documents required to obtain a UK visitor visa, you must have a negative test of the covid-19, which is a prerequisite. There are many videos on youtube that you can watch and fill out the Passenger Located form you will also need this document.

But the good news is that you don't have to quarantine any hotel or home. You can come to the UK without paying any quarantine and go to work or your visit since October 4, UK's read list is removing the green list and the amber list. Only two lists will remain. The redlist and the rest of the world list.

Let's talk about the vaccine which vaccine the UK government has Approved??

if we talk about what vaccine which you need to go to the UK the government of the UK has approved an Astra Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen If you have a vaccine of any of these vaccines, you will not have a problem in the UK. even if you have taken one dose of Astra Zeneca and one Pfizer, you will not have any problem.

What Documents You Need For UK's Visit Visa?

Let me tell you the documents you will need for the UK visit visa. And let me explain all these documents to you.

  • Passport ( Valid For Last 6 Months With Minimum 2 Blank Pages )
  • CNIC Card 
  • FRC ( Family Registration Certificate ) From NADRA
  • MRC ( Marriage Certificate ) 
  • Bank Statement Of Last Six Months With Ending Balance in Account is Minimum 10 Lakh PKR 
  • Account Maintenance Certificate ( From Bank )
  • Hotel Booking Reservation 
  • Ticket Booking Reservation
  • Health Insurance ( Cover 300000 Euros )
  • Health Certificate from Any DHQ Or Government Hospital
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • if you have a job you need the last 6 months salary slips from your employer with NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) or  With Leave Letter
  • if you have any kind of  business then you need NTN ( National Tex Number ) Business Registration Certificate, Tex Returns, Or Business Account Statement, you also need you Business Cards Or LOcation
  • Cover Letter - Travel Plan - Request Letter
  • Visa Application Form
  • 4 Clear Photos With White Background 
  • Other Additional Documents Like Your Property Doc Your Bike Car Or Your Investment Doc
  • Covid-19 Negitave Test Certificaate

After Prepaid Documents ??

After creating your documents, you will go to Jarry's office where you will submit your documents, but before that, you have to make an appointment with Jerry's office and then you have to go on your next day and submit your documents with a fee and apply for a visa.

Pakistanis have been waiting for a long time for Pakistan to come out of the redlist and the wait for visa facilitation has ended, which has removed Pakistanis from the red list, which is good news. God bless you.

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