How To Make Travel History For Canada Visa || How To Make Travel History For Schengen Visa || Every Visa ||

 Today we will talk about travel history what is a travel history? How to create a travel history and whether or not to get a good country visa without a travel history. you will find all the information about the countries we should visit to create a travel history and what mistakes you make when creating a travel history.

How To Make Travel History For Canada Visa || How To Make Travel History For Schengen Visa || Every Visa ||

How To Make Travel History For Canada Visa || How To Make Travel History For Schengen Visa || Every Visa ||

So as the name implies, travel history means your travel history, that is, how many times have you been out of your country to another country and what are those countries, how many days did you stay on all these things? all of this information comes from your data and your passport. The visas on your passport prove what your travel history is. so this is the simple meaning of travel history.

Friends, people have different opinions about travel history. First, there are those who say that it is difficult to get a visa for any country without travel history, there are others who say that travel history is not so important. Even without travel history, you can get a visa to any good country. friends, these two points go hand in hand. Today I will tell you which cases require a travel history and which cases do not require a travel history.

1:Travel History Is Required For A Visa

Friends first get the opinion of friends who say travel history is necessary for any good country visa. friends, it is true to some extent that travel history helps you a lot to get a visa from a developed country, but travel history is not a necessary document to apply for a visa. let me give you an example for friends so that you can easily understand all these things.

For example, if you want to hire a servant, you will interview him and ask him where you have worked before. but if he has a good profile, his education and requirements are better, you will give him a job without asking him all this.

Friends the developed countries, seeing this thing, the servant who is applying for a visa, he has gone to the countries where it was easy for him to go, he has visited these countries, this thing is decided by seeing the developed countries. because the one who is actually a tourist tries to go to his neighboring countries and stay there so that his expenses are less and later he goes to other developed and expensive countries.

2:Situations Where Travel History Is Not Required

Friends, if your status is very high, you have employees of the government and you have a good scale, or you are working in an international or multinational company and you are getting a good salary. So, in that case, you also get a development visa on a fresh passport-like Canada USA UK, etc. Because the visa officer will see that this person is living a very good life in his own country, he will not get the facility in Schengen or Canada USA that he is getting in his country.

The visa officer will understand that this person only wants to go for a visit and he will also give you a visa on your fresh passport. but friends, if you have a small business or you work for a small company somewhere, then you will need a travel history because then you will not have a name of your own and the visa officer will need a travel history from you.

How To Make Travel History

Friends, usually many people visit four to five countries in one trip on the same ticket. this means that the countries that share borders with each other try to travel around the same countries and create a travel history. This is the biggest mistake. friends, my advice is to include at least two countries in one trip, and friends who have a fresh passport should try to get a sticker visa on their passport because it enhances the dignity of your passport and has a good impact.

Friends, now another important point is how the embassy finds out whether this person has created a fake travel history or whether he is a real tourist. some people travel to five countries in one trip and within ten to fifteen days they travel to five countries and then apply for a visa for a developed country. That is, people only go to countries to touch for travel history then they apply for a visa from a good country and the visa becomes a rejected.

Because the visa officer finds out that this guy is building a fake history because the real tourist does only two trips a year. for a travel history, you must have at least three countries in one trip and spend about seven days in each country below is a list of countries you can easily visit in one trip and you can also get a sticker of these countries.

  • Malaysia              ( Its a sticker tourist visa or e-visa )
  • Thailand                ( its a sticker tourist visa  )
  • Singapore           ( its an e-visa or sticker visa )
  • Indonesia           ( its a sticker visa )

Friends, in the same way, you can catch a tray of an African country after this trip, such as Uganda, Rwanda, and many other countries, in one trip you will do three to four more countries, then you apply for a visa of a developed country. So inshallah you will get one hundred percent visa of like UK Canada Australia USA etc.

Tips For Make A Travel History

If you have enough money then you can do at least two trips. If you have less money then you can do one trip and visit Dubai and then apply for visa of  Europe USA Canada and apply for a USA Canada Europe visa six months after the travel history was created the same visa officer will understand that you do a good job and you want to travel for your vacation 

And last but not least, if you make a ticket or hotel or any other payment, you can transfer it from your bank account or through online banking to get a visa. even better is your status in front of a visa officer, so friends, this is today's information. In addition, you can search our YouTube channel Every Visa to know about any country and information about jobs. Take care for now.