How To Get UK Tourist Visa

How To Get UK Tourist Visa

 Hi friends how -re you friends, I hope they will be fine

Friends, today we will talk -bout UK vis-s
As I h-ve m-de - complete guide on UK vis-
Read it
Wh-t is the processing of Wh-t -re the documents?

Documents required -and from which website to -apply

What is the fee?
The specific point we will talk -bout now is the UK vis-

We will underst-nd this science How does - UK vis- work? I -m going to tell you this
First of -ll, if you
UK vis- first

B-r -pplying
So - little c-ution is needed Get - six month vis-
Which is multi-present

So let's t)lk first

Wh-t's so signific-nt -bout - go-t's he-d? ”

Let me tell you first ish

Like ) USA vis)

You in the UK too
Hotel booking from
Not lying
Not even insur-nce
With -pplic-tion
But some documents -re very import-nt

Why do you h-ve to submit?Which -re the most import-nt documents Number before frc
F-mily registr-tion certific-te

If you -re m-rried
So you c-n send your wife -nd children from NADRA P-rents if you -re not m-rried
And your FRC bill with spelling
You h-ve to submit it

But most import)ntly

Which -re more import-nt th-n everTh-t is - b-nk st-tement You h-ve to t-ke gre-t c-re of the b-nk st-tement
In m-n-ging
Bec-use in the b-nk st-tement

You m-de - mist-ke
Most vis- rejections -re b-sed on this After the employment letter
You h-ve to give it -nd th-t's it
H-ve to write
Why -re you tr-veling
And where will you go?
Well if you h-ve - simple re-son
Own there
The employee letter will prove it
Wh-t you do
Ok-y fine

If you do business

So you h-ve to give business documents When is the covring letter?
In which you request th-t I need - vis-
I write why
Where will the vis- go?
Write the whole tr-vel pl-n
So - little c-ution is needed
Get - six month vis-
There is -n entry
First we t-lk
Wh-t's the first import-nt thing?
Let me tell you
if you Write - s-mple
I w-nt
So visit London
Ple-se give me - vis-
Then the vis- will be rejected

Of rejection
ch-n-s will grow
If you tell the whole pl-n
Why -re you going to London?
And where do you w-nt to go in London?
And why go -nd wh-t is speci-l
So let them expl-in
If you go -nywhere other th-n London
So expl-in th-t too
I h-ve the most import-nt b-nk st-tement
As I told you e-rlier
B-nk st-tement
If they -re X-pl-nned
Not m-n-ged properly
So he c-n go -g-inst you
It doesn't h-ve to be - lot of money
Even if you h-ve Rs 10 crore in your b-nk Not even then
Even then, it is of no use
UK vis-
Especi-lly for
I -m s-ying
Bec-use he
Not Expl-in-ble
If they do not m-tch the documents
You c-n go -g-inst it
This is something speci-l -bout the UK
UK vis- Of them
Too m-ny documents Long wide Let's discuss
When you get refus-l
They h-ve given re-son
Why is your b-l-nce like th-t?
Let me tell you
How do you m-int-in it?
To keep
And how to -void mist-kes
If you -re - businessm-n
So wh-tever business you do
It is - must
Th-t's the business you do
Will you h-ve - n-tur-l tr-ns-ction?
And its n-tur-l
There will be business
There must be - flow of money Within -ccounts If you provide - comp-ny b-nk -ccount

If you give up Celery from your comp-ny to your own -ccount Put So it will be better for you
Bec-use Person-l Account Mostly You h-ve to p-y for - UK vis-

If you do employment minutes Someone does the job So he is - str-ight forw-rd

S-l-ry must be credited to your -ccount e-ch month

And some money you put in -dv-nce in your -ccount
Th-t is five l-kh six l-khs Th-t is, -s m-ny -s c-n -pply for - UK vis-

Thirty to forty percent more th-n th-t
So you put th-t money in the first -ccount

Then -dd your celery to it Ok every month Properly own - Will be m-int-ined

Comp-ny b-nk -ccounts So th-t's wh-t will h-ppen St-tement in - very strong w-y When you go -pply
So obviously in the cover letter
You will write You do this job Th-t's your s-l-ry And you got so m-ny d-ys off First of -ll

You did not m-ke the mist-ke of going to the uk
And you write - st-y of thirty d-ys or two months Write - m-ximum of ten d-ys Do not write - st-y of more th-n ten d-ys M-ximum two weeks Keep it for ten d-ys
If you w-nt to incre-se the ch-nces of - vis-
This will reduce the cost

Bec-use there -re cert-in pl-ces in the UK th-t -re not in the world

If you live in it longer
So obviously the cost will go up
So you keep it to - minimum
C-lcul-te yourself
Spend -ccording to your job or business
If your s-l-ry
P-kist-ni is fifty or sixty thous-nd
And you book - room here for two or three hundred pounds

Bec-use of the UK's -pplic-tion

It -nswers questions in gre-t det-il
Like - USA vis-
Th-t's why they -re no more documents th-n you

They -sk you wh-t your income is You did it in - very powerful
Tell me your income Which is yours And wh-t will be the cost

Th-t too h-s to be expl-ined in this w-y ڈالر 500 You h-ve less th-n
And you're spending five hundred - d-y Don't do th-t

T-ke - look -t it tomorrow

M-n-ge things
This is how you expl-in here

Let me give you -n ex-mple
If for ex-mple in your b-nk -ccount
One million rupees
So your tr-p should cost three to four l-kh rupees If five to six l-khs in your b-nk -ccount

If there -re rupees
So your tr-p
But it should cost three l-kh rupees

Th-t will not h-ppen
Th-t you blow up the whole trip

When you return, your b-l-nce will be zero

Bec-use the serv-nt keeps something with him

So your own with this c-lcul-tion

The cost is on the trip
There -re things to keep in mind
Whether you work Whether you do business Are celery persons
And in your -ccount

Two or three l)kh rupees

And in the st-tement he h-s come So th-t covring l-ter
I h-ve to give my full expl-n-tion Why is this money in your -ccount? And you c-n do th-t too

This is very import-nt

Bec)use if you don't expl)in it

So by himself
So you c-n put - point on it by yourself

Why this money h)s come

Th-t he h-s t-ken it from someone -nd put it in his -ccount

So th-t I c-n get - vis-
Wh-t I underst-nd or I think
Different people m-y h-ve different opinions As I h-ve -pplied for - UK vis- twice
The first turn w-s the j-cket
Bec-use of mist-kes
Ag-in when I -pplied for - vis-
So e-sily found
I -m s-ying -g-in th-t no property documents

Do not -dd them to documents
Of m-rri-ge certific-te
C-n -dd photocopy
And the rest of wh-t I s-id, p-y speci-l -ttention to the b-nk st-tement

And those who -re filling out the form

C-lcul-te the cost
Th-t will cost -s much -s - trip
And keep shooting from shot to shot
The UK vis- is the e-siest
If you underst-nd
So it is very e-sy to get - vis-
If you m-de - mist-ke
So your little mist-ke
Due to your vis-
M-y be rejected
If you know -bout it
Any more questions To -sk You c-n mess-ge in the comments We will do our best To help you
Th-nk you very much
to w-tch
T-ke c-re of yourself We will be b-ck soon With more inform-tion for you Th-nks -g-in for w-tching